About the Director

Sheba SaeedDr Sheba Saeed, a solicitor by profession with a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham, UK, was inspired by a trip to her father's birthplace - Lahore, Pakistan - to get to the root of the very taboo subject of 'begging' and produced and directed her debut documentary “Beggars of Lahore”.

She took up the challenge with the knowledge that she may be confronted and hindered in her research by not only the beggars but also the mafia run organisations that control the rackets.

Her exceptional investigative journey was compiled after many interviews with beggars, politicians, celebrities, the public and non-governmental bodies.

Introductory clips have been shown at International Conferences in the UK, US, Norway, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Australia.

The film has been screened at a number of film festivals around the world including:

  • Eyes and Lenses IV- Ethnographical Film Festival, Panstwowe Ethnographical Museum, “Beggars of Lahore”, 2-4 March 2007, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Document 5 International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, “Beggars of Lahore”, 17-21 October 2007, Glasgow, Scotland
  • World Performing Arts Festival, “Beggars of Lahore”, 22nd November -2nd December 2007, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • XVI International Festival of Etnological Film, Ethnographic Museum, “Beggars of Lahore”, 14-18 November 2007, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • 9th Madurai Film Festival 2007, “Beggars of Lahore”, 2-6 December 2007, Madurai, India.
  • 2nd World Peace Film & Music Festival 2007, “Beggars of Lahore” given a Special Mention, 7-10 December 2007, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India.

The film is dedicated to the Beggars of Lahore and the memory of her Father